How to conduct keyword research for YouTube?

Have you ever thought why some YouTube channels end up getting million views in a short span of time while the others struggle? The answer lies in keyword research. Some are able to identify the right keywords, title and video descriptions that get them the best results compared to those who don’t and that gets them all the results they need. Of course, you can just start posting good content on YouTube and expect it all to go well, but learning YouTube could take you a long way. On that note, take a look at some good keyword research ideas for YouTube.

Find your topics first

This is the first step to getting about anything right on YouTube. Knowing which topics you want to talk about. Your current keywords could be treated as the starting point. If you are struggling to refine your keywords here, then make sure to include the SERP features. Get more information shared with you via Ahrefs, Stat, SEMRush and other popular tools so that you are sorted here.

Get the experts to help you out

Take the help of YouTube autosuggest to find some good topic ideas. However, we would definitely recommend that you use a seed list to know which ones are the best topics for you. Internal expertise is also a good starting point for building the best content plan as this will help you match knowledge with demands. However, do note that YouTube is a social network as well as search engine so you need to utilize SEO and this to get good ideas.

Get your keywords sorted

After this, you need to find a good list of keywords to get everything in place. For this, use a proper SEO tool that will suggest good topic ideas that have good search volume and low competition scores. After this, you can select which one is more relevant and create your final list of topics.

Assess the ranking quality

Don’t forget to assess the ranking quality here. You need to find a proper assessment tool that will show you how good the videos are and check the score you can get out of 10. If you get one proper video and the rest of it is outdated, you will get a 4 or even a 5 but if it is considered highly engaging, you can get a whopping 8 or a 9.

Best keyword research tools for YouTube

Apart from following these tips, make sure that you use a good keyword research tool. Apps like Tubebuddy, VidIQ and Ahrefs are great places to begin.


Since people don’t use YouTube the way they use Google, it’s important that you spend some time in keyword research for YouTube. While the existing research list serves as an excellent piece of inspiration, you have to be careful as to which ones will work best on YouTube. You can also take a look at some of the best SEO tools mentioned here in this post to optimize your content strategy for YouTube.

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