Reasons Why You Should Not Go For Network Marketing

Have you ever met someone who promised you a great opportunity to make some money and have your own business? Were you told that you could have your own hours and all you needed to do was to sell some products? If the answer is true, then you were probably told about network marketing. Network marketing is all about selling mediocre level products. It is a marketing scheme for businesses and a scam for those who become a part of this. Want to know what makes this style of marketing something you should never go for? Read this post to find out.

It’s not your business

One of the most common claims people make when it comes to network marketing is that it lets you have your own business- which is honestly a scam. The fundamentals of an actual business do not exist. You will not get any control over the selection of the products or its pricing and you won’t have any control over the branding either. You will be restricted to specific strategies and not use anything else. Given the fact that you have no control over the business, you should never go for it.

Damages relationships with others

When you join any business that is built on network marketing, you will require a whole lot of pressure to recruit from people who are around you. But doing that can actually damage your relationship provided it doesn’t work out. Remember that your relationships are important and you should never compromise with it over a business or a job.

Products aren’t always good

Now this is a major scam that people will not tell you about. The products given to you aren’t that great. This happens because such businesses never revolve around real products. The idea behind this is to make a business and to earn more money. So if the goal of any business is solely to make cash in the long run, how good and beneficial do you think it will be for you.

Too much pressure to perform

If you are entering network marketing as a way to make some extra cash, then it will work for you. But if you are wholly dependent on it, chances are it’s going to pressurize you to the core. This is because all your income will be based on the money you earn from commissions, and this is honestly going to be very unpredictable. So if you’re really not looking for an extra burden, stay away from network marketing because it’s a scam.


While some network marketing businesses do offer you guaranteed paychecks and hours, it does not always mean that you will end up making enough money. If you really want to get into this, make sure you do a certification course. This will teach you interesting sales techniques and styles which can be a good long-term gain for you. However, see it only as a side hustle and not as the core of your business.

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