What is Network Marketing? [Updated 2024]

A very smart business model that is based on person-to-person sales, networking marketing is about building your own team of expert professionals who can work together with you in order to deliver the right message to the people. The people involved in networking marketing are usually rewarded when the sales happen. This process is also called multi level marketing, consumer direct marketing and referral marketing. To know more about how it works, keep reading this post.

What are the different types of network marketing?


Here you get to join a program where the goal is to sell the products and services of a company using a single-tier network. Here you won’t have to recruit other distributors or direct the sales where you are the only income source. Avon being one of the best cosmetic companies tends to use one-tier marketing styles. Even pay per lead and pay per click are also great examples of single tier marketing.

Two Tier Marketing

Here you will need to do some kind of recruiting. However, your compensation won’t be wholly dependent on it. You will be paid for directing the sales on the website along with direct sales or even getting traffic that is generated by distributors or the affiliates that you hire.

Multi-Level Marketing

This is used by direct organizations where they encourage the current distributions to find new ones. The reward will be a small percentage of the sales. The downline here will be made of recruits and the sales generated by them. Distributors also tend to benefit immensely from the direct sales they make to their customers

Benefits Of Network Marketing


Network marketers have the biggest advantage of flexibility. They can work at any time and anywhere they want. This means that they can easily fit this into many other businesses as well.

Increased Income Sources

Your chances of earning money literally increases when you choose network marketing. The more you invest into these businesses, the more money you will end up making. Doing this in the right way and over a period of time can lead to earning substantial income.

Personal Development

Network marketing allows you to get a whole range of opportunities you can attain for your personal development and growth. You can also gain some new skills related to marketing, leadership and public speaking.

Building New Relationships

Network marketing is an excellent way to build new relationships along with other people. By simply connecting with people who are working with you, you will be able to support your friends and partners and easily reach your goals in the long run.


We have taken care of everything in this post that you needed to understand regarding network marketing. As you continue to go ahead in life, make sure that before people are your consumers, they are also your family and friends. It’s essential that you build a good relationship with them and then focus on selling the product to them. That will help you excel.

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