Want To Grow On Social Media? Follow These 5 Tips

Planning to grow your social media in 2024? Well, Instagram is the best place to go. Instagram is useful to engage customers and convert them in the long run. However, growing your social media following is difficult, especially given how fierce the competition is. But don’t worry. We have a solution to your problem. Down below we are going to enlist four golden rules that will help you reach, engage, and convert more followers on social media. Ready to go? Let’s get started right away!

1. Try Content Optimization

You can optimize your bio and create a content calendar, but if you don’t optimize the content, it is pretty much pointless. Creating high-quality content on Instagram will help you get the organic social media followers and reach you want. For this, you must understand the pain points of your audience. According to that, create content that relates to them the most. Also, keep track of what the competitors are doing so that you can get more attention. Create a calendar that contains a mix and match of all types of content and ensure there is variety in your posts.

2. Consistency

The more visible and consistent you are, the more followers you will gain. It’s important to show up on social media in a consistent manner if you want to see the numbers increase. While bombarding your social media with 4-5 posts is too much, you can get started with 1-2 posts and 1 story post per day. Feel free to increase the frequency once the performance is good.

3. Post Timings

You also need to know what time you want to post your social media content. See what times are your social media users active the most. According to that, you can post your creatives. You can also narrow down 2-3 times and days when your content is performing the best. According to that, you can change your strategy and post timings.

4. Create A Separate Reel Strategy

If the entire world can leverage reels, so can you. Pick up the hot topics and best trends, make reels out of them in a way that your audience relates to them, and post it on social media as well. This will help you with quick social media and content engagement.

5. Try Networking

You can also try extensive networking to grow your social media page. Engage with people on your feed, respond to people’s comments, get more Instagrammers to participate in weekly contests, pills, and giveaways, get more influencers to participate in your content, create more giveaways, and let others reshare your posts as well.


Listen. Remember that getting more followers on your social media is not going to be a luck-by-chance thing. You need to follow these tips diligently if you want to see actual results. Also, if you want to analyze your content and see how it is performing occasionally, make sure you find a proper analytics tool for the same. With several apps like Sprout Social & Mailchimp available, you should easily be able to get the information you need to adjust your content strategy.

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